About Us

Quality Over Quantity

We’re a small company and we manage our properties personally to make sure you get prompt attention and answer to your questions in a timely manner. We focus on single family homes for rent (no apartments) and to save our clients time we enable self viewing of the properties that you can schedule at your convenience. We also accept online applications and will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Our properties have fenced yards to enable our trusted pet companions the roaming space they love to have.


New to the Renter Market?

We know that renting a home for the first time can be stressful specially if you’re new to the area. If your moving to this area and don’t have local friends to guide you to this market, we recommend reading our renter’s tips page for some guidance. We believe that a good rental relationship is based on having a happy tenant first of all so we want to make sure you have the most tools available to help you navigate the rental market.

Our renter tips page can be found HERE. Feel free to drop us a line or two with your plans for moving into the area. Maybe we can have something available that suits your interest or perhaps we can provide some helpful information.

Thanks for visiting and have an terrific day!




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